Exercise is a joy, not a chore. When you confine yourself to barren gyms and musty weight rooms of course exercise seems more like work instead of play. But think. When are most people in the best shape of their lives? When they are young. The reason is because when we are young, there is no such thing as exercise, there is only playing.

Dodge ball? Exercise. A game of tag? Exercise. Wrestling with your older brother? Exercise and humiliation.

The point is, when you move your body loves it. Exercise does not need to be overly structured. Exercise craves to be organic. Your body wants to run, sprint, lift something challenging and climb something tall. And your body will reward you with health and vigor if you listen.

When you start to exercise the way your body tells you, make sure your fitness program includes the five basics of exercise and you cant go wrong.

Your exercise regime should be SIMPLE. Simple because if the exercises and program are simple, you are more likely to do it.

Progressive. With your exercise program everything must be progressive. Develop your personal fitness at your own speed that produces results but doesn’t leave you too sore.

Balanced. Make sure that when you exercise you take a balanced approach. All aspects of fitness are important. Balance your time so that strength, flexibility and endurance are all included.

Self Measurable. Make sure that your exercise program allows you to set clear cut targets of fitness. Be able to measure that different aspects of your fitness are improving. One more pushup, jogging a little further and being able to touch your toes! Make these goals specific to you and not some other persons abilites.

Convenient. Be able to do your program just about anywhere. The less complicated the exercises and program, the more likely it will be done. Require no workout partners, spotters and fancy and expensive gear. An exercise program does not require money, it requires dedication and effort and FUN.