I’m going to review fitness and exercise books as they come in from differant authours. If you feel that you have an exercise or fitness book that the world should be just waiting to see, send me a copy and I will post a review.


This is the list of exercise and fitness books that have already been given the seal of approval. Fitness Books List.

For those of you that just want some quality information to help you on the road to fitness and health, this is a great place to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

If you would like to review my book Fat to Fit let me know. I will send you a copy and you can post an open comment right here for everyone to see. I cant review the book myself or I would give it 5 stars!

First exercise book review can be seen here: Burn The Fat Book Review. Here is the actual site link for Burn The Fat website.

The Truth About Building Muscle:

In a bodybuilding world where intense marketing hype and exaggeration have become the norm, Sean Nalewanyj has stuck to his guns and provides his readers with a truthful and honest approach to building muscle and gaining strength. The Truth About Building Muscle is a complete step-by-step muscle-building system that is jam-packed with valuable information, covering some extremely important topics such as workout structure, proper nutritional techniques, efficient and cost-effective supplementation, injury prevention, cardio and fat loss as well as a large handful of other useful subjects. All of this information is combined into a 250-page, picture-filled, instantly downloadable e-book.”

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