Bodybuilding has taken the world by storm. Since back in the 1970’s when Arnold Schwarzenegger + body building took themselves to the public, no one could have ever guessed what was going to come of this sport. Today the sport of teen bodybuilding is keeping kids off the streets and teaching them dedication and discipline. Women are becoming empowered and building their self esteem through female bodybuilding.

Like all sports there is the dark side and drugs like steroids are being used. The good news is that with natural bodybuilding getting exposure on TV and prize money getting larger, more of the population is being attracted to using bodybuilding supplements instead of drugs. This way bodybuilders are putting on muscle through proper bodybuilding nutrition and not the use of harmful drugs.

Part of the fun of bodybuilding is trying to get everything right. There are exercise, nutritional factors as well as trying to find that perfect bodybuilding workout. Once you figure out all the basics, you can start to refine your approach and come up with a system that is individual to yourself. Bodybuilding nutrition seems to give people the most grief. Learning about carbs, protein and fat may be confusing at first but understanding and utilizing these nutrition basics of bodybuilding are fundamental to achieving success.

There is some confusion about whether male and female bodybuilders should train differently. The answer is no. Bodybuilding builds muscle by putting a stress on a muscle and then letting it grow and recover. The human body builds muscle on females and males the same way. The only exception is that female bodybuilders produce less natural testosterone and so put on muscle slower than male bodybuilders. Natural female bodybuilding although slower than males, is an empowering experience that produces self assured and emotionally stable women.

The population segment that does the best in bodybuilding is teens. Teenage bodybuilders, especially males put out larger than normal levels of testosterone and so their initial muscle gains are substantial. This can be very rewarding for a teen, to see themselves succeed at something and reinforce a sense of self esteem. High self esteem in teens keeps them from getting involved in less than favorable activities due to peer pressure.